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The Emergency Australia Team are excited to announce the launch of an Australian first capability: The Emergency Australia High Fidelity Training & Simulation Centre, right here in Brisbane. 

The unique capabilities of this facility offer enhanced training opportunities for emergency, medical professionals, the military, law enforcement and first responders across the private and government sector.

Key Features

The High Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre is a two-story facility featuring a 360-degree augmented reality environment, as well as a control room, debriefing room and reception area.

The 360-degree augmented reality environment is unique in that it provides complete audiovisual immersion for the student in the training simulation. This training environment can be designed to replicate urban or remote settings, for example a mine, a hospital, a rural car crash or a military environment, depending on your professional requirements.

In addition to the audiovisual immersion, students train on state-of-the art patient simulators including  Laerdals SimMan 3G. These simulators provide for a realistic training environment and build student confidence through exposure. They also allow for structured debriefings across a range of skill sets and clinical interventions.

For enhanced resilience training, students have the option to wear Astroskins and Hexoskins, to assess their vital signs. In our training setting, these smart garments allow the trainer to assess the biometric responses of students, such as their stress response. This allows for a more detailed and personalised performance assessment whilst providing active interventions to control the stress response.

The High Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre offers highly-motivated individuals the opportunity to enhance their professional development and obtain qualifications in a number of nationally recognised courses. We can also work with your company to develop a contextualised training plan to suit the needs of your team.