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We offer immersive professional development opportunities where learners will gain CPD points at each event to assist with ongoing registration requirements and skill proficiency.

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Fundamentals of Pre-hospital Care +

FPC+ is an immersive simulation-based training opportunity for pre-hospital clinicians. This 2-day course aims to review the fundamental principles of high-quality care and apply them within high fidelity simulation. These fundamentals were selected by senior paramedics, based on the lessons learnt during their service. FPC+ aims to share these learnings.

The fundamentals we cover.

  • Optimising your environment.
  • The primary survey.
  • Patient assessment.
  • Cognitive tools – Pause, communicate, plan, re-assess.
  • Dealing with the unexpected.
  • Cognitive bias.

Participants will have the opportunity to apply these principles during high fidelity simulations, showcasing a mix of medical, trauma and toxicological presentations. A detailed debrief will follow each simulation. Participants should have a good understanding of the medicine involved, FPC+ is an opportunity to combine the medicine and the fundamentals in a realistic learning environment.

FPC+ is aimed at final year paramedic students, graduates, registered paramedics, and military medics, as well as nurses and doctors working in pre-hospital care.


  • To review the fundamentals of high-quality care
  • To review the technical aspects of care relating to common patient presentations.
  • To provide learnings that will enhance the provision of care.
  • To exemplify a standard of care.
  • To provide participants an opportunity to participate in simulation-based learning
  • To provide simulations in a realistic immersive environment.


 This is a 2 day event. If interested in attending this course, please scroll down and send through an enquiry.


$990 (including GST).

A copy of our Fees and Refunds Policy and Procedure is available here.

CPD Points

16 CPD Points are attained at completion of this course.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided post course, and will be emailed to your nominated email address. 

Course Structure

The course will be made up of a series of sessions. Each 2 hour-session will be based around a theme, with learnings include in each. Day 1 sessions will focus on introducing the fundamentals, aided by short simulations and drills. On day 2, we will incorporate the lessons learning into longer, fully immersive scenarios.

Each session will be broken into phases.

  1. Engagement with learners about their experiences and concerns about the specific presentation (pre-brief)
  2. Introduction of learnings
  3. Instructor demonstration
  4. Learner participation in drill or long scenario
  5. Debrief

Day One

Learning Objectives:

  • Review fundamental assessments and skills
  • Introduce experienced-based concepts that are essential to success


  • Session 1: The primary survey – trauma and medical
  • Session 2: The physical exam – trauma and medical
  • Session 3: Optimising your environment, cognitive skills
  • Session 4: Bias and the undifferentiated patient


0745 – 0815 Introduction/Safety
0820 – 1020 Session 1
1020 – 1035 Break
1035 – 1235 Session 2
1235 – 1315 Lunch
1315 – 1515 Session 3
1515 – 1525 Break
1525 1630 Session 4



Day Two

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply fundamentals within long simulations
  • Exemplify a standard of care
  • Review actions, decision making and ideas during debrief


  • Simulations 1 and 2
  • Simulations 3 and 4
  • Simulations 5 and 6
  • Exemplar simulation


0800 – 0815 Introduction/Safety
0820 – 0950 Session 1
0950 – 1005 Break
1005 – 1135 Session 2
1140 – 1220 Lunch
1220 – 1350 Session 3
1350 – 1405 Break
1410 – 1450 Session 4
1450 – 1500 Close

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