OXY-Resusc Kit Contents Reusable

The Oxy-Resusc Kit can be purchased with either a reusable or disposable adult resuscitator to suit your protocols or budget needs. The Oxy-Therapy Kit Contents is suitable for delivering oxygen therapy in the home or workplace and does not include the adult resuscitator and airways. Both kits facilitate the supply of oxygen therapy and may be used in an emergency to resuscitate using the Ferno E-Mask.

The Oxy-Resusc Kit Contents were developed as an emergency resuscitation kit and can be utilised by industry through to first response emergency peresonnel.

Oxy-Resusc Contents

  • Multiflow regulator 0.25 to 25 LPM
  • Three adult and child therapy masks
  • Airway sizes one to five
  • Pocket mask with O2 inlet, face strap and case
  • Cylinder spanner
  • Adult resuscitator with adult and child mask