WHS System

Emergency Australia Work Health & Safety (WHS) Compliance System

The Emergency Australia WHS Compliance System, assists our clients meet their unique annual WHS requirements.

As a Registered Training Organisation, medical company and supplier of emergency equipment, Emergency Australia is uniquely equipped to offer a comprehensive solution for Australian businesses. This includes annual first aid/ emergency training, event medical support and an automated first aid restocking service.

Overview of the WHS system

WHS physical site inspection, provides valuable insight into how your organisation is currently performing, as per WHS compliance requirements.

WHS audit is a comprehensive analysis of the both the physical working environment and the policy’s/ procedures currently in place. Solution options will be provided, based on this audit for policy update/ generation.

Annual training calendar to ensure staff are trained to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. This includes first aid, fire extinguisher use and evacuation. Training is delivered onsite at your location and contextualised for your specific site requirements.

Students are added to our automated reminder system, to ensure currency is maintained for nationally recognised training.

As per site requirements, registered healthcare professionals and equipment can be supplied, to respond to medical emergency’s on a fulltime or event basis.

Automated restocking service, scheduled to ensure ongoing compliance of workplace and vehicle first aid kits. Emergency Australia has the unique humanitarian arrangements in place, with remote medical clinics in East Timor and Papua New Guinea, where expired items are sent. Defibrillators and emergency equipment can be supplied as per site requirements.

Scheduled onsite drug and alcohol testing to ensure a safe working environment for staff and clients.

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